Interested in more detailed financial analysis?

Join the NDS financial benchmarking project. NDS is working with Curtin University to provide participating organisations detailed 1:1 reports on the comparative financial sustainability of their organisation comparing ‘like with like’ using a wide range of key financial ratios. Nearly 200 organisations are currently participating. The data is consolidated and used to support sector and workforce development and NDS advocacy on pricing. We are especially looking for more small organisations (revenue under $1m) from Queensland, NT, ACT and Tasmania so we have good representation from those states. 

Read more and access reports published here:

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Contact :

Gordon Duff, General Manager, Sector Development and Research

(02) 9256 3117

Seven Key Questions

These questions are high-level and open-ended to help you think broadly about how your organisation will respond to the NDIS. They are structured around the seven domains used in this Toolkit.

You might find them useful in board or staff meetings and workshops, especially as an introduction to completing the self-assessment tool.

The Questions

Domain Question
Strategy How does our strategy allow us to be agile, flexible and responsive to the changes in our sector?
Corporate governance How does our decision-making processes robust enough to manage the key risks, challenges and opportunities facing our business? How do they support our operation in a competitive environment?
Clients and market focus

How will we differentiate ourselves to retain and attract clients in an increasingly competitive market?

Financial sustainability What impact will individualised funding have on our business and the way our services are costed, priced and funded? What changes do we need to make?
People and capability How will we attract, recruit and retain staff with the right values, skills and capabilities to support the changing needs of our clients and our business?
Information and knowledge management Do we have the right systems in place to the reform? How will our systems support the necessary changes to our business, clients, operations and finances over the next decade?
Safeguarding quality management and improvement How do our systems, processes and people help us to maintain and improve our quality and competitiveness? How will we know when we are doing well, or at risk?

Download the Seven Key Questions