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Privacy policy

Confidentiality and privacy

In collecting registration, organisational profile and benchmarking data, NDS and its agents shall comply with all requirements of the Privacy Act.

Individual provider data will be visible to NDS and its information technology contractor for the sole purpose of administration. Data collected from participating providers will remain confidential and will not be disclosed without the express written consent from the provider. Data will not be released (in reports) where the minimum pool size has not been met.

Data submitted into the Toolkit by participating providers may be published by NDS in aggregate form (primarily as sector-level reports) and may be utilised by NDS; however, at no time will any participating providers be able to be directly or indirectly identified.

Aggregate data may be made available to the National Disability Insurance Agency or other agencies as sector-level reports or to support ongoing policy development and research; however, agencies will not be able to access, view or request individual provider data or aggregate data that may lead to the identification of individual providers.


Intellectual property

NDS retains ownership of all pool data, including public reports and good practice information, which will be used for the benefit of the sector.

Participating providers retain ownership of any reports they generate from the Toolkit and their individual data. Any sector data contained within these reports is not to be shared externally without express written consent from NDS or to be used improperly.